How much money does a truck driver earn?

Pay for 3,000 Miles Per Week

Per Mile Per Week Per Month Per Year 5 Years 10 Years 20 Years
0.26 $780.00 $3,377.40 $40,560.00 $202,800.00 $405,600.00 $811,200.00
0.30 $900.00 $3,897.00 $46,800.00 $234,000.00 $468,000.00 $936,000.00
0.31 $930.00 $4,026.90 $48,360.00 $241,800.00 $483,600.00 $967,200.00
0.35 $1,050.00 $4,546.50 $54,600.00 $273,000.00 $546.000.00 $1,092,000.00
0.38 $1,140.00 $4,936.20 $59,280.00 $296,400.00 $592,800.00 $1,185,600.00
0.40 $1,200.00 $5,196.00 $62,400.00 $312,000.00 $624,000.00 $1,248,000.00
0.43 $1,290.00 $5,585.70 $67,080.00 $335,400.00 $670,800.00 $1,341,600.00
0.46 $1,380.00 $5,975.40 $71,760.00 $358,800.00 $717,600.00 $1,435,200.00
0.50 $1,500.00 $6,495.00 $78,000.00 $390,000.00 $787,000.00 $1,560,000.00

Truck Driver Salary Expectations

People often wonder before starting CDL training, “how much do truck drivers earn?” Earnings vary by employer and location, but CDL Academy graduates typically earn anywhere from $40,000 up to $93,000 per year early in their career.

Chances are, however, that you already knew that. The truck driving industry is attractive to so many people because it offers a high starting salary and competitive benefits. If you’d like to take a deeper dive, continue reading to learn more about truck driver salaries and truck driver institute.

Is there a way to calculate the salary of truck drivers?

The freedom and independence of being on the road are among the reasons why people decide to become truck drivers. However, many new drivers also seek job security and stability as well as a high-paying position that will support them and their families.

Starting out as a commercial truck driver, a CDL Academy graduate will usually earn between $0.26 and $0.50 per mile. When you drive 3,000 miles per week, that adds up. It is possible to earn even more as a private fleet driver or an experienced truck driver.

Because of the nationwide shortage of truckers, companies are raising salaries and paying first-time drivers more. According to the National Transportation Institute, this trend of higher pay will continue.

Factors That Determine a Truck Driver Salary

When you’re researching “how much do truck drivers make?” you’re bound to encounter many factors that determine salary. A truck driver salary can vary greatly by region and other factors. Here are a few of the things that can affect how much you make as a truck driver.

Truck Driving Distance

You can earn more money if you take assignments farther from home since most drivers are paid by the mile. It might be more convenient to work on shorter assignments, but the pay is generally lower.

Time management is essential when you’re traveling to a distant location without proper instruction, it can be difficult to maximize earnings on the job. CDL Academy can help you master good time management skills.

CDL Education and Specific Endorsements

As a truck driver, you may earn a higher salary if you have endorsements for specialized jobs in addition to your CDL. As fewer CDL holders have the necessary training and endorsements to do certain jobs, such as hazardous waste transportation, they pay more.

As a truck driver, you can fill countless niches, which makes it a promising career choice. Consider what kind of job you want to have before wondering how much truck drivers make.

Choosing a Location and Employer

A truck driver’s salary will vary depending on where they live and who their employer is. There are some fairly significant differences regarding pay and other criteria that matter to truck drivers. Explore the offerings of carriers in different locations when looking at job opportunities.

Having experience

Truck drivers who have worked in the industry long enough can earn an even higher salary because employers will trust them to do a good job. You can grow your salary easily when you drive a truck. A high starting salary compared to other industries means that you can earn much more after a few years than you were earning when you started. At that point, if you have the confidence and experience to leap, being a business owner can be a significant financial decision. It is possible for owner-operators to earn upwards of six figures.

Team Driving

Teams of truck drivers work together for a higher salary, covering more miles per day and earning more money. Additionally, team truck drivers have someone to keep them company on the road, which makes long drives much more enjoyable.

The loneliness of truck drivers is a major concern for new drivers or those considering this career. Many companies offer team driving as an option to solve that problem.

Stability for your family comes from a good truck driver salary

Additionally to a great starting salary and growth opportunities, truck drivers enjoy a high degree of job security.

As the most popular job in 29 states, truck driving has remained steady and secure, despite difficulties in other industries. Transporting freight has never been more in demand.

There will continue to be a need for drivers due to the growth of the industry and the aging of the workforce. It is estimated that the American Trucking Associations will have to hire 1.1 million new drivers in the next ten years to keep up with demand.

A variety of benefits are also available to truck drivers

In order to maintain your family’s security, you and your salary aren’t the only factors to consider. Knowing that your health and your loved ones’ health are in good hands gives you peace of mind.

A number of desirable benefits are also offered to drivers by the nation’s leading carriers. There are many types of insurance available, such as health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and retirement plans.

Depending on your carrier and profession, you may be eligible for various benefits as a truck driver. Taking your time to research is therefore essential before making a decision.

Answering the question “how much do truck drivers make?” is that they make a great starting salary and enjoy a range of benefits.

Getting a job after CDL training

No matter what your background and experience, CDL Academy can help you find a job – even if you don’t have a diploma or a criminal record. During the past year, we helped people with these problems earn great pay as truck drivers:

  • Driving Record issues
  • Criminal Record – Misdemeanors and Felony Convictions
  • DUI
  • Bad Credit
  • No Diploma

You can maximize your earning potential in a high-demand, job-secure industry through CDL Academy’s four-week program.

Interested in CDL training or ready to sign up? Give us a call and one of our convenient locations will get you registered. It won’t take long for you to be on the road!

Salary increases for truck drivers

It is now possible for you to understand what factors determine the wages of truck drivers. What do you need to do to boost your salary? These are some of the top ways to increase your income as a trucker.

Take on the role of owner-operator.

Often, owner-operators make more money than company drivers, but that freedom also comes with greater risk. Having your own truck can be the first step into building a larger company with more trucks and drivers working with you.

You should always keep your truck loaded.

You’ll make more money if your truck is full. Make sure your truck is full and moving by taking advantage of LTL and hot shot loads. To minimize your losses during delays, negotiate layover and detention pay when possible.

Obtain an endorsement for HAZMAT.

It’s not difficult to get a HAZMAT (hazardous materials) endorsement. You can carry more dangerous loads and earn more money. In order to undergo a background check, you must submit an application, fingerprints, and identity documents. Once the state has cleared you, you can take the endorsement test.

Transport oversized loads.

Oversized loads are a great way to make more money if you have the time and patience to deal with permits and route planning. Be sure to follow all applicable laws and guidelines, which may vary depending on your jurisdiction.

Trucking on ice roads

How adventurous are you? Are you a top-notch truck driver with the ability to drive in extreme conditions? In spite of its dangers, ice road trucking pays well during a short season (typically January through March). Alaska or parts of Canada are the most common locations where ice road truckers live and work.

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