Job Placement

As graduates of the CDL Academy truck driving program, you’ll have the advantage of our full-time career placement assistance team, who will assist you in landing top-notch carrier jobs. The placement staff at CDL Academy is available for you during all school hours to help you secure employment and begin your new career of professional truck driving. From your first job interview to your last, our staff will be there for you!

The trucking and transportation industry is one of the nation’s largest employers and is always looking for qualified drivers. CDL Academy offers top notch training services that will have you educated and prepared for your CDL skills test so you can get ready for a new career on the road! We’re here to prepare you for a rewarding career in truck driving and transportation.

Job Placement Assistance for the Trucking Industry


Job Placement
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A long-distance driver, also called a long-haul or over-the-road driver, drives heavy trucks. Depending on the circumstances, you might be given the opportunity to come home the same day or take a layover until the following day. Additionally, you may travel to farther locations, and be away from home base for a week or more.


You’ll drive light, medium, and heavy trucks and complete pick-up and delivery duties, route sales, and customer deliveries.


This type of truck driver uses equipment designed for unique commodities in specialized trucking operations, both long distance and local. Examples include double and triple trailers, auto carriers, dry bulk and liquid bulk carriers, tankers, and very heavy machinery.


The special characteristics of the loads these drivers are hauling have to be known for these drivers to properly handle them. They should also know what to do if there is an emergency, such as leakage of containers. These drivers are usually provided more intensive training by their employers.