‘Truckers against Trafficking’ aims to stop human trafficking

At CDL Academy, we are committed to educating and informing our students about human trafficking in order to help stop this terrible practice. People are being trafficked every year and thousands are at risk. As human trafficking can sometimes be hard to detect, it is imporant that truckers help keep an eye on the road to help prevent the spread of this national crisis.

“In order to effectively combat human trafficking, each sector of society must do its part. Truck drivers, bus drivers, truck terminal workers are the eyes and ears of the nation’s roadways,” Kylla Lanier, Co-Founder of Truckers against Trafficking, said. “They’re already trained to be vigilant and observant and can find themselves intersecting with traffic victims through the normal course of their jobs.

This program seeks to identify human trafficking activities in the trucking industry so law enforcement can intervene to prevent as many incidents as possible.

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