Why get a Class A CDL?

Thinking about a trucking career, but not sure if you need a Class A or Class B CDL? Getting a Class A CDL at CDL Academy will earn you the highest income! Different classes of CDLs can be confusing, so today, we’ll explain the advantages of obtaining a Class A CDL.

Prior truck driving experience is NOT required for those who are interested in enrolling in the Class A CDL course. The course can be completed in as little as four weeks. As part of our program, you will undergo both classroom and on-the-road training. Graduates of our course will be prepared to perform entry-level truck driving work.

Class A CDL drivers will generally be able to receive the highest compensation of any type of professional truck driver. Most students who graduate with their CDL will work as an over-the-road (OTR) truck driver. OTR means that those staff members drive longer distances and log more miles. Typically the people that take these jobs usually drive across the US.

A CDL truck driver that starts working with a carrier can earn quite a range of pay. There are many factors that go into compensation for truck drivers, including:

  • The Employer: Some carriers pay more than others and there are more opportunities to work for additional employers after getting some experience.
  • The Size of Load: Larger or smaller loads may end up resulting in a different earning potential.
  • The Distance: Depending on the number miles driven and the number of hours that require driving per week, the distance a driver goes can be a factor in their pay scale.
  • HQ Location: States may pay differently based on their local market cost of living.
  • What Type of Cargo:  HAZMAT and dangerous cargo may be compensated more than those hauling traditional freight. Companies can vary on their policies for adjusted payment for hazardous loads. 

Graduates of CDL Academy can expect to start at a job with an income of around $45,000+ annually, and with some time and experience, average salaries run between $50,000 and $70,00 annually for OTR truck drivers.

Most carriers also provide their employees with additional benefits on top of a good salary when they are OTR truckers. The following are some of the other benefits you can expect to get from your carrier:

  • Health insurance (for your family also)
  • Retirement options, 401k
  • Opportunities to receive bonuses based on performance
  • Promotion to carrying loads that pay more
  • Annual paid time off (PTO, vacation time)

Getting your Class A CDL is defeinitely worth your time when you consider all the great pay and benefits available to truck drivers. Once you receive a Class A CDL, you will enjoy access to some of the highest-paying jobs in the trucking industry doing a job you love.

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